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Understanding of the Industrial Technology Revolution

July 10th, 2022

Understanding of the industrial technology revolution – the First Industrial Revolution started at completion of the eighteenth century when individuals changed from simple devices powered just by human or pet power to advanced devices that could be powered through various other means. This was the beginning of mechanization and the beginning of leveraging gases such as coal for manufacturing.

The heavy vapor engine was a significant turning point in technical capability that led the way for many developments in manufacturing that owned the manufacturing of fabrics, coal and iron. The last 2 are especially important for the development of long-distance transport and links, as they form the foundation of the rail system.

The Second Industrial Revolution occurred in between 1870 and 1914

inning accordance with historians. It was after that that manufacturing facilities changed from heavy vapor to electrical power and presented effectiveness to production line manufacturing, something Henry Ford capitalized on in mass-producing his cars to earn them more affordable for customers, Understanding of the industrial technology revolution.

But cars aren’t the just form of transport that has taken advantage of the new technology. When steel concerned change iron, it was used in ships and railroads, increasing the shipping industry.

Steel is used for industrial equipment and building jobs. That’s what allows architects to design new kinds of structures that we can get to at elevations that have never ever been reached before.

Understanding of the Industrial Technology Revolution

Understanding of the Industrial Technology Revolution

The 3rd Industrial Revolution started

in the center of the last century when manufacturers started to integrate digital elements right into their processes. They after that developed using computer systems, and electronic technology started to change analog and mechanical technology for more precise control and better automation.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

or Industry 4.0, as it’s known, was determined as our present standard shift. Industry 4.0 is that electronic is ending up being a lot more incorporated right into the physical finish of manufacturing, enabling smoother links in between divisions, items, and individuals.

The development of a brand-new electronic industrial technology

known as Industry 4.0, is a change that makes it feasible to gather and analyze information throughout devices, enabling much faster, more versatile and more efficient processes to produce better products at lower costs. This manufacturing revolution will increase efficiency, shift the economic climate, advertise industrial development, and modify the labor force account and eventually change the competitiveness of business and areas.

Advanced electronic technology is currently used in manufacturing, but with Industry 4.0, it will change manufacturing. This will outcome in greater effectiveness and change traditional manufacturing connections in between providers, manufacturers and customers — as well as in between individuals and devices. 9 technology trends form the foundation of Industry 4.0.

Impact of the development of the Industrial Revolution

May 25th, 2022

Impact of the development of the Industrial Revolution – the industrial revolution has produced significant changes in the life of British culture. The industrial revolution has had an impact in various areas, consisting of the following:

Business economics

The impacts of the industrial revolution in the financial area consist of the following:

Impact of the development of the Industrial Revolution

Impact of the development of the Industrial Revolution

1. The price of products economicals
The industrial revolution has delivered to new manufacturing devices which cause the manufacturing of products to be increased at lower manufacturing costs. This causes the price of industrial products to be greater.

2. Reduced salaries for labor
The a great deal of employees in manufacturing, particularly in cities, causes companies to easily determine reduced labor salaries.

3. The development of dispute in between the employees (Proletariat) and the companies (Bourgeoisie)
Because of the stipulation of salaries that are so reduced, employees that are participants of labor unions demand a good income increase. This form of demonstration appears in a strike.

Strikes are their main tool, so there are often disputes in between employees and companies. Therefore, the idea arised that the specify should hold important companies so that the rate of passions of employees are more secure. This led to the development of socialism.

4. The advancement of shipping and world profession
The industrial revolution led to advancements in aquatic technology using modern devices, prominent to advanced shipping traffic..

5. The development of modern industrialism
The industrial revolution has an impact on the development of a brand-new course in culture called industrialism. With the power of funding owned by the capitalists (the proprietors of funding).

The development of the capitalists was also sustained by the abolition of the mercantilism financial system. Rather, the federal government enforced a liberal financial system.

Impact of the development of the Industrial Revolution flexibility to people to develop the economic climate. In this flexibility just individuals that have the power of funding can succeed. The power of the capitalists in the economic climate marked the entrance right into force of the capitalist system in England.

Social Events

1. The flow of urbanization is obtaining larger in industrial cities
The development of industry in the cities triggered the populace in the countryside (farming) to transfer to industrial cities to become manufacturing facility employees.

2. The development of unemployment and criminal offense
The employees that live in industrial locations feel depressed and unpleasant. In purchase to forget their misery, the employees look for relief in drinking alcohol which just contributes to their misery.

Bad life and undesirable practices motivate various kinds of criminal offense. Consequently, the jails in England were full of inmates.

Because of its volume, federal government convicts maintained down upkeep costs by disposing detainees right into America and Canada. After America’s self-reliance from Britain the detainees were after that exiled to Australia.

The Impact of the Development of Digital Technology

May 16th, 2022

The Impact of the Development of Digital Technology in the Revolutionary Era 4.0 – the development of technology in this digital era is growing so fast. Indirectly, the use of digital technology can be adapted to human needs and make things that are done manually turn into practical and more modern.

The decrease in direct face-to-face interaction, progress in understanding new things and the use of machine power that replaces the human role is the impact of the development of digital technology.

The term technology comes from a combination of two words, namely ‘Techne’ in Greek which means ‘Skills’ while ‘Logos’ which means ‘Science’. In short, the notion of technology is the study of skills. The use of the term ‘technology’ itself is taken from English, namely ‘technology’ since the 20th century which coincided with the end of the 2nd Industrial Revolution.

Positive Impact of Technological Development

Because of technology, the exchange of information becomes easier and faster.
Facilitate human work and can help learning systems that are carried out online without having to meet face to face.
Facilitate the economic cycle and the emergence of new habits in social life.

The Impact of the Development of Digital Technology

The Impact of the Development of Digital Technology

Functionally, technology is an infrastructure that provides goods and components needed for the survival and comfort of human life.

As technology develops, with many scientific trials and discoveries, technology has expanded its meaning. From the machine it is then converted into an intangible object or in the digital world commonly called software.

The most rapid technological development was at the time of the emergence of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era where machines, software and other sophisticated tools began to be created to help facilitate human work in carrying out activities, as well as increase productivity in the digital world very quickly The Impact of the Development of Digital Technology in the Revolutionary Era 4.0.

The emergence of technology certainly provides many benefits, one of the benefits we are enjoying now is the use of a digital search engine (Google) which is the most advanced digital engine as a place to find out all things and information in the world.

The benefit of technology in general is that it makes it easier for users to do many things faster and as desired. Technological progress certainly makes a lot of changes in a country, Indonesia is no exception. The rapid development of this technology provides several impacts.

Negative Impact of Technological Development

The entry of foreign cultures that are not easily accepted by certain generations.
Loss of ability to blend in with society
The number of pornographic sites, fraud, crime and other crimes that exist in cyberspace.

Excessive use of gadgets can damage brain development in humans.
From the many things that we have discussed above, it can be concluded that the development of this technology does cause positive and negative things.

So that negative things do not affect us, then we must bring the progress of this information technology very well. So the newest challenge for us as users of this technology is being able to master technology or be controlled by technology itself.

Positive Impact of Technological Developments

May 10th, 2022

Positive Impact of Technological Developments – technological developments have transformed the way companies work. Also small companies can adapt to degree the having fun area with bigger companies.

Small companies adjust using various technologies in various aspects varying from advanced devices, HRD Software, to data sources to develop an affordable benefit in financial markets. Entrepreneur should consider implementing technology in their planning processes for efficient integration and to earn room for future growth.

The Impact of Technological Developments in the Company
There’s no rejecting that we live in the age of technology. Regardless of what industry or aspect of life we ​​look at today, technology affects it somehow or another. It changed the way many individuals see and work. Exactly what is the impact of workplace technology on a company?

Impact on Running Costs

Technological developments can decrease operating expense. HRD software from LinovHR can be used to automate payroll, participation documents, efficiency evaluations and more. This technology allows the
going Positive Impact of Technological Developments.
workplace and HRD to view information in actual time. For instance, HRD uses HRD Software to process payroll immediately. Thus, the costs sustained to purchase equipment and supplies can be decreased.

Positive Impact of Technological Developments

Positive Impact of Technological Developments

Protecting Delicate Information

Technology can be used to produce a protected environment for protecting delicate information, particularly interior information about workers. An instance is using the Workers Management component of the LinovHR HRD Software to manage worker information and information. This way information and information can be managed securely and confidentially.

Better Interaction Process

Business technology helps small companies improve their interaction processes. E-mail, SMS, websites and applications, for instance, facilitate better interaction with customers. Better interaction within the company is very useful to satisfy market needs. Companies can also receive more comments from customers through digital interaction techniques. Technology also improves interaction in between workplaces. For instance, social intranet software provides workers with a central portal to access and upgrade documents and convey appropriate information to various other divisions immediately.

Enhanced Worker Efficiency

The use software or business software usually allows workers to process more information compared to manual techniques. Also basic business technologies can have a huge impact on worker efficiency. For instance, by putting worker efficiency evaluation information in the HRD Software from LinovHR, supervisors can easily produce quantifiable objectives for their workers to accomplish and maintain company objectives. This way the efficiency of workers can be more efficient.

Impact positive of Using Information and Communication

April 12th, 2022

Impact positive of using information and communication presently  information and communication technology is one kind of technology that’s developing very quickly. Through its front runner feature, specifically the internet, presently communication and information technology resembles among the kinds of technology that ranks on top, both from the positive side, the unfavorable side, to its use.

Certainly, as a technology that’s expanding quickly, information and communication technology must have several benefits and drawbacks. Some know it, and some may not understand of it, because it has enter into a specific individual’s personality. The following are positive and unfavorable impacts that can be really felt in daily life Impact positive of using information and communication

Positive impact

Speed ​​up the flow of information
The flow of information today is very fast, also has the tendency to run out control previously. however, this is among the positive impacts, because it can provide information about an occasion quickly, although sometimes it’s inaccurate and inaccurate.

Impact positive of Using Information and Communication

Impact positive of Using Information and Communication

The flow of information with comments which is a characteristic of information systems is among the consider the development of noticeable information and communication. So that it provides its own benefits for each user. Particularly when it come to the internet, the development of computer system networks is ending up being progressively fast as internet use is enhancing.

Easier access to the newest information

This is among the domino impacts of enhancing the flow of information. With the information and communication technology that’s expanding very quickly, anybody will have the ability to obtain information easily. Access to this information can be done anytime, anywhere, and from anybody. This will help people to improve their information and knowledge, although sometimes the dependability and credibility of the information is questioned.

This is an indication that the use the internet to communicate is among one of the most popular choices. Because it can connect to anybody from anywhere on the planet. This is where the role of the benefits of computer system networks as a resource of internet use becomes more ideal.

Social media

Social media is also another positive impact of the development of information and communication technology. Social media can provide many benefits, one which is having the ability to reconcile people with new individuals, and increase connections in between people.

For instance, among them is twitter and google. This relatively large website is among the social media that individuals use one of the most. Not just to increase the network of friends in the online world, Twitter and google is also a means of promo in business. The benefits of Twitter and google for users are very useful, particularly for operating a company, be it a small company or a large business.

Assisting people in finding information

In looking for new and warm information, information and communication technology plays an important role. With the flow of information ending up being a lot much faster, people will find it easier to find the information they want.

The role of the internet on trainee accomplishment is one that’s quite calculated. In this situation trainees can explore ideas and learning products in their institution by accessing wider information in each topic. So that these trainees have ideas that are not just within the institution but from outside the institution worldwide.

Entertainment media

The next use information and communication technology remains in regards to entertainment. Information and communication technology presently supports entertainment media that are very varied for everybody. For instance, from entertainment media through video games, songs, as well as ideas, many individuals can be shed as well as launched from stress because of the entertainment offered by the development of information and communication technology.

The Impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

April 4th, 2022

The Impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 , the phenomenon of the industrial revolution 4.0 brings many influences, both positive and negative for society. Where all midfield are competing to digitize so as not to be run over by technology that continues to develop. For this reason, people need to know of the industrial revolution 4.0 era, and how to overcome it. following is The Impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 industrial revolution era on several fields and how to overcome them.

The Impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

The Impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Social Impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

The impact of the industrial revolution 4.0 era is very significant in the social field. Because in this era the entire production process has used high-tech machines, replacing the role of humans in the industrial world. Of course this affects availability of job opportunities, because human labor is no longer empowered in manufacturing industry. education system that was previously implemented will no longer be relevant in world of work.

Impact on Politics
The existence of digitalization is indeed needed as a means of fulfilling the demand for goods in large quantities at prices that are easily accessible to the public. However, of the 4.0 industrial revolution era was very large, on the increase in the unemployment rate which had an on the country’s economy.

Impact on the Economy
The of the last industrial revolution 4.0 era was in the economic field. There are many of this industrial revolution in the economic field. Such as having to pay high costs to implement industry 4.0 in the company and change the business model that has been implemented. In addition, the use of new technology will cause losses on investment in technology that has been used previously. However, using it can increase efficiency and productivity.


To overcome the impact of the industrial revolution 4.0 era, it is necessary to have special regulations or preparations to balance the phenomenon of the industrial revolution 4.0. For example, Indonesian workers are equipped with machine operational skills and relevant basic knowledge.

Based on information from the Head of the Industrial Research and Development Agency (BPPI), Indonesia has prepared several fields in dealing with industry 4.0. The preparation is by increasing automation, Artificial Intelligence, building machine-to-machine and human-to-machine communication, then developing technology in a sustainable manner.

Conclusion and Closing

Thus a review of the understanding, of the industrial revolution 4.0 era and how to overcome it. This phenomenon is not the first time this has happened, but it is the fourth time. So that adaptation is a mandatory thing that must be done so as not to be run over by technology that will continue to develop.
The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a change in the industrial sector, where to produce an item, use machines as propulsion and processing. Where in its development is the Internet of

Things (IoT) is a concept where a physical device or machine is connected to the internet, Big Data, and Argumented Reality. Then Cyber ​​Security, Artificial Intelligence, Addictive Manufacturing, Integrated Systems, and Cloud Computing.

Even though one of the impacts of the industrial revolution 4.0 era is that it requires high costs, but digitization of the current business is very important. With this advanced technology can increase effectiveness and productivity. The resulting products are more diverse at affordable prices. So that it can meet the needs of the market.

4 Technologies That Will Bring Change

March 31st, 2022

4 Technologies That Will Bring Change, Indonesia among ASEAN countries is the country with the largest population. Indonesia is also expected to become one of the countries with the largest digital economy power in the world by 2025.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has driven the acceleration of service switching to digital more than expected. In addition, it also encourages the development of the information and communication technology sector in Indonesia to be able to lead economic growth in 2022.

Based on projections from the Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF), the information and communication technology sector will experience growth of 9.8 to 10.3 percent in 2022. This shows the rapid development of the information and communication technology sector in Indonesia.

In the coming year, the internet and the accompanying technology are also considered to be more influential than today. Digital technology has also fundamentally changed the way people live, reducing the amount of time needed to complete work, and even changing the way humans interact with each other.

“In 2021, the digital economy will hit an all-time high despite the pandemic. When companies accelerate their digital development to reach customers, it can be ensured that companies and customers continue to follow developments,” said Surung Sinamo, Country Manager of F5 Indonesia in his official statement, launched from , Wednesday (19/1/2022).

Surung added that companies and customers not only follow developments, but also experience carefully, make transactions, and generate income in today’s digital economy. 4 Technologies That Will Bring Change

4 Technologies That Will Bring Change

4 Technologies That Will Bring Change

Based on F5 Networks, here is a summary of the four best technologies that will change the digital economy in 2022:

1. Mobile Service

Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company recently reported that Indonesia is the largest digital economy center in the world with the potential to grow through the use of digital services. This is in line with the acceleration of the 5G network, so that various business opportunities will emerge, including wider digital adoption and the development of a stronger technology infrastructure.

Mobile convenience and the rise of entertainment, particularly through mobile devices, will then drive the growth of 5G networks more quickly. The 5G network itself has many benefits, including lower latency, which then makes it easier for systems to react more quickly to changes, stronger coverage, and increased throughput .

The 5G network in Indonesia in the near future will then become a force for economic recovery, paving the way for empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs), educating digital talent, and enabling the development of smart cities .

2. E-Commerce Security

Digital transactions through e-commerce services will experience a big surge. This is because of the convenience, security, and flexibility offered in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic which requires consumers to reduce their activities outside the house.

Today, there are more opportunities for consumers to make purchases through their smartphones . This is then predicted to encourage digital transactions in Indonesia to reach USD 37 billion in 2022.

More and more people in Indonesia are using digital payments on a regular basis, especially with the increasingly widespread Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) program. This increase in digital payments will then raise the need for online transaction security.

Thus, banks will then increase their focus on e-commerce security in order to minimize hackers and other criminals in cyberspace. The digital economy will continue to grow with more and more digital transactions taking place.

3. AI and Cloud Computing

The combination of 5G networks with artificial intelligence (AI) is also considered to play a major role in changing the way Indonesian people live and work. One of the significant impacts, is in the area of ​​software development.

In 2022, it is predicted that there will be more and more development of software supported by AI technology, so that there will be an automatic replacement of human labor with machine power. This shift will also result in faster, better, and more reliable software products.

Meanwhile in the business world, cloud computing -based online storage will continue to grow through customized solutions. This solution will enable the cloud to become a transformation solution for warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, and more.

Cloud computing can then provide the infrastructure needed to support the use of the latest technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and machine learning (ML).

“With the advent of technology, companies are more vulnerable to security vulnerabilities. Their tools, expertise, IT processes and analytical capabilities need to be improved through the use of AI and cloud management ,” added Surung.

Cloud computing is also said to be playing a big role in helping all the data available on digital devices with growing numbers to be more easily understood. It is at this point that edge computing comes into play.

Edge computing itself happens locally, and not on remote servers . In contrast, edge computing performs data processing from the origin, and all this processing is done before the data passes through the network to return to the cloud level .

4. Crypto and NFT

Cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT) are also predicted to grow in popularity. These digital assets have the potential to transform traditional businesses and economies. In 2022, we can expect to see more widespread use of this technology as businesses and individuals begin to explore capabilities.

NFT itself has attracted the attention of artists and collectors in Indonesia. This is a step to mark a blockchain -based revolution for the local arts and culture domain. Indonesian cryptocurrency exchanges such as Tokocrypto have also created TokoMall, which is the first multi-category NFT token market in Indonesia.

More than two years since the pandemic began, the use of digital services in Indonesia remains strong and is predicted to continue to be resilient. This is especially the case with cellular service technologies, AI and cloud , to cryptocurrencies and NFT.

Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

March 27th, 2022

Impact of the Industrial Revolution, the occurrence of this revolution itself makes many industrial sectors get convenience. However, apart from these positive impacts, there were also negative impacts that occurred as a result of this revolution.

Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

Here are some positive and negative Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

1. Positive Impact of Industrial Revolution 

  • Ease of accessing information due to being able to use gadgets and other technologies.
  • Effectiveness in the field of production by replacing existing human labor and replacing it with machine technology. In addition to reducing production costs because it reduces the use of labor, using technology can increase production output.
  • Can increase national income because it can produce goods in a relatively short time with good quality.
  • Increased job opportunities for experts, this is because even using the machine still requires human resources to move it.

2. Negative Impact of Industrial Revolution 

  • More vulnerable to cyber attacks, this is because the production process uses technological machines, because it is very important to have a good security system.
  • It takes a lot of money to invest in tools and workers, this is because you have to spend money to buy tools first and employee skills training to be able to run it.
  • The existence of urbanization, where the increasing number of people living in big cities.
  • Impact on the environment, this is because the use of existing machines can produce air pollution, large amounts of waste, and other negative things that can damage the environment.

Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Various Fields

March 25th, 2022

Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Various Fields, the industrial revolution is a massive change in the way humans process resources to produce goods in various business sectors so that it has an impact on economic, political, and even socio-cultural life.

The term industrial revolution is a term coined by Friedrich Engels and Louis Auguste Blanqui, a textile mill leader, which refers to the replacement of human and animal labor for production by manufacturing-based machine power.

in addition to bringing many advances in the fields of industry, economy, military, and information technology, this phenomenon also has several effects on humans and nature.

Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Various Fields

Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Various Fields

The impact of the industrial revolution in various fields as follows.

Impact on the Economy
As described above, the industrial revolution gave birth to various findings for the smooth running of the production process. This encourages the emergence of various large companies, industrial cities, and new jobs so as to boost the country’s economy.

Impact on the Environment
Although it helps improve the standard of living, the industrial revolution is one of the factors driving environmental degradation. Examples of problems that most often arise are air, water, and soil pollution.

Vehicle and manufacturing fumes not only degrade air quality, but also damage the ozone layer. In addition, factory and household waste that is not treated properly can also contaminate water and soil.

Impact in the Political Field
The industrial revolution is a phenomenon that not only encourages progress in the field of science and technology, but also in the political system, marked by the emergence of various notions such as democracy, modern imperialism, or nationalism.

Impact in the Social Sector
Generally, the industrial revolution brought more industrial progress in urban areas. As a result, there is inequality in the economy, lifestyle, and even development. As a result, more and more people flocked to the city to try their luck.

In fact, not everyone has the mental financial readiness to live in big cities where everything is expensive. So, indirectly the industrial revolution is the cause of increasing poverty rates.

So, that was OCBC’s explanation of the meaning of Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Various Fields. It would be better if you continue to hone skills in various fields so that you can adapt well. Good luck!

The Great Impact of the Industrial Revolution

March 22nd, 2022

The great impact of the industrial revolution, human life is progressively moving in a more modern instructions with the elegance of technology that occurred throughout the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

For the very first time, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 was presented by the Exec Chair of the Globe Financial Online discussion forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, as a problem or essential change in human work.

Essential here means that it concerns all aspects of human life, where formerly all tasks were performed by hand, currently you can integrate electronic technology and the internet to support a more ideal work system. That’s why, it’s extremely important for you to follow the developments that are happening, so that the sales can follow the pattern that’s popular. The great impact of the industrial revolution

Indonesia is a nation that has not escaped the changes in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which has also changed several business industries in the nation. Various significant impacts that will occur in Indonesia because of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, to name a few:

Human power no much longer controls

The Great Impact of the Industrial Revolution

The Great Impact of the Industrial Revolution

Estimated from, in a record qualified The Future of Jobs Record 2020 issued by the Globe Financial Online discussion forum (WEF), in 2025 it’s anticipated that 85 million jobs will be shed because they are changed by devices and expert system formulas.. This further proves that the impact of the modern 4.0 will change human power to no much longer control because it is changed by advanced technology.

All tasks will be connected by the internet.

Have you ever listened to the call Internet of Points? Internet of Points can be translated as an development where all human work can be done without needing to go through direct communication, because everything is connected by the internet. Among the aspects of the Internet of Points that’s expanding and you can certainly feel it currently is the power of Artificial Knowledge which makes it easier for all aspects of human life, consisting of interaction, entertainment, to access to transport.

Shadow storage space will be more dependable.

It’s no much longer necessary for you to conserve important information or information by hand. Moreover, with the increase in cyber criminal offense which is enhancing and turning into various kinds. Of course, you should also update your information storage space system to a more secure way. Shadow storage space is considered to be one of the most accurate system in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, because along with production it easier for employees to collaborate, you’ll also conserve time and make information archiving a lot easier. Not remarkably, shadow storage space has also become more dependable throughout 4.0, because business efficiency can appearance more real and incorporated.

After knowing what the big impacts of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 on Indonesian companies are, currently is the moment for you to take part in inviting this in the development of your business. As a operating company or business and certainly want to progress, you can follow some of the following tips so that the sales do not head out of design:

Produce new rules and plans

The more developed an innovation, the more harmful dangers that endanger and can cause company losses. The right strategy is had to control and manage every technology that’s used, that is why new rules and plans are had to support change so it does not backfire and can provide maximum benefits for the company. The application of these new rules and plans must be determined along with your relied on group, considering the federal government side and the rival side so that you could survive during the competitiveness of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Expand network

In modern times such as today, of course, human connections are obtaining easier, particularly through various social media that are practical and can be used anytime and anywhere. Utilizing social media or various various other interaction systems can be a wise strategy to expand your network. Although it appearances trivial, having actually a wider and bigger network can certainly make it easier for you to increase brand name understanding and reach know your items/solutions through easier promos.