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Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

March 27th, 2022

Impact of the Industrial Revolution, the occurrence of this revolution itself makes many industrial sectors get convenience. However, apart from these positive impacts, there were also negative impacts that occurred as a result of this revolution.

Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

Here are some positive and negative Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

1. Positive Impact of Industrial Revolution 

  • Ease of accessing information due to being able to use gadgets and other technologies.
  • Effectiveness in the field of production by replacing existing human labor and replacing it with machine technology.¬†In addition to reducing production costs because it reduces the use of labor, using technology can increase production output.
  • Can increase national income because it can produce goods in a relatively short time with good quality.
  • Increased job opportunities for experts, this is because even using the machine still requires human resources to move it.

2. Negative Impact of Industrial Revolution 

  • More vulnerable to cyber attacks, this is because the production process uses technological machines, because it is very important to have a good security system.
  • It takes a lot of money to invest in tools and workers, this is because you have to spend money to buy tools first and employee skills training to be able to run it.
  • The existence of urbanization, where the increasing number of people living in big cities.
  • Impact on the environment, this is because the use of existing machines can produce air pollution, large amounts of waste, and other negative things that can damage the environment.

Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Various Fields

March 25th, 2022

Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Various Fields, the industrial revolution is a massive change in the way humans process resources to produce goods in various business sectors so that it has an impact on economic, political, and even socio-cultural life.

The term industrial revolution is a term coined by Friedrich Engels and Louis Auguste Blanqui, a textile mill leader, which refers to the replacement of human and animal labor for production by manufacturing-based machine power.

in addition to bringing many advances in the fields of industry, economy, military, and information technology, this phenomenon also has several effects on humans and nature.

Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Various Fields

Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Various Fields

The impact of the industrial revolution in various fields as follows.

Impact on the Economy
As described above, the industrial revolution gave birth to various findings for the smooth running of the production process. This encourages the emergence of various large companies, industrial cities, and new jobs so as to boost the country’s economy.

Impact on the Environment
Although it helps improve the standard of living, the industrial revolution is one of the factors driving environmental degradation. Examples of problems that most often arise are air, water, and soil pollution.

Vehicle and manufacturing fumes not only degrade air quality, but also damage the ozone layer. In addition, factory and household waste that is not treated properly can also contaminate water and soil.

Impact in the Political Field
The industrial revolution is a phenomenon that not only encourages progress in the field of science and technology, but also in the political system, marked by the emergence of various notions such as democracy, modern imperialism, or nationalism.

Impact in the Social Sector
Generally, the industrial revolution brought more industrial progress in urban areas. As a result, there is inequality in the economy, lifestyle, and even development. As a result, more and more people flocked to the city to try their luck.

In fact, not everyone has the mental financial readiness to live in big cities where everything is expensive. So, indirectly the industrial revolution is the cause of increasing poverty rates.

So, that was OCBC’s explanation of the meaning of Impact of the Industrial Revolution in Various Fields. It would be better if you continue to hone skills in various fields so that you can adapt well. Good luck!

The Great Impact of the Industrial Revolution

March 22nd, 2022

The great impact of the industrial revolution, human life is progressively moving in a more modern instructions with the elegance of technology that occurred throughout the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

For the very first time, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 was presented by the Exec Chair of the Globe Financial Online discussion forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, as a problem or essential change in human work.

Essential here means that it concerns all aspects of human life, where formerly all tasks were performed by hand, currently you can integrate electronic technology and the internet to support a more ideal work system. That’s why, it’s extremely important for you to follow the developments that are happening, so that the sales can follow the pattern that’s popular. The great impact of the industrial revolution

Indonesia is a nation that has not escaped the changes in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which has also changed several business industries in the nation. Various significant impacts that will occur in Indonesia because of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, to name a few:

Human power no much longer controls

The Great Impact of the Industrial Revolution

The Great Impact of the Industrial Revolution

Estimated from, in a record qualified The Future of Jobs Record 2020 issued by the Globe Financial Online discussion forum (WEF), in 2025 it’s anticipated that 85 million jobs will be shed because they are changed by devices and expert system formulas.. This further proves that the impact of the modern 4.0 will change human power to no much longer control because it is changed by advanced technology.

All tasks will be connected by the internet.

Have you ever listened to the call Internet of Points? Internet of Points can be translated as an development where all human work can be done without needing to go through direct communication, because everything is connected by the internet. Among the aspects of the Internet of Points that’s expanding and you can certainly feel it currently is the power of Artificial Knowledge which makes it easier for all aspects of human life, consisting of interaction, entertainment, to access to transport.

Shadow storage space will be more dependable.

It’s no much longer necessary for you to conserve important information or information by hand. Moreover, with the increase in cyber criminal offense which is enhancing and turning into various kinds. Of course, you should also update your information storage space system to a more secure way. Shadow storage space is considered to be one of the most accurate system in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, because along with production it easier for employees to collaborate, you’ll also conserve time and make information archiving a lot easier. Not remarkably, shadow storage space has also become more dependable throughout 4.0, because business efficiency can appearance more real and incorporated.

After knowing what the big impacts of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 on Indonesian companies are, currently is the moment for you to take part in inviting this in the development of your business. As a operating company or business and certainly want to progress, you can follow some of the following tips so that the sales do not head out of design:

Produce new rules and plans

The more developed an innovation, the more harmful dangers that endanger and can cause company losses. The right strategy is had to control and manage every technology that’s used, that is why new rules and plans are had to support change so it does not backfire and can provide maximum benefits for the company. The application of these new rules and plans must be determined along with your relied on group, considering the federal government side and the rival side so that you could survive during the competitiveness of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Expand network

In modern times such as today, of course, human connections are obtaining easier, particularly through various social media that are practical and can be used anytime and anywhere. Utilizing social media or various various other interaction systems can be a wise strategy to expand your network. Although it appearances trivial, having actually a wider and bigger network can certainly make it easier for you to increase brand name understanding and reach know your items/solutions through easier promos.